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Our Mission

BM Vision provides its customers with innovative products and services which improve their competitiveness in the conditions of dynamic technology and business development and social challenges.

Our main mission is to highlight Bulgaria’s tourism resources, increase the quality of services and promote a proactive and innovative approach.

Latest Projects


The call of civilizations

A great project for a truly impressive place – the Archeological Museum – Varna, which has exhibits of world significance. The picture above is on “Grave 43” – the ruler of the first European civilization – a key find of the Varna Chalcolithic necropolis.

banner immerse into the culture960x960 update

The project aims to create an innovative product that presents in an intriguing, innovative way four unique cultural tourist sites in Bulgaria

Using the new “Augmented Reality” technology, the souvenir products “BULGARIA IN 60 SECONDS” open a “portal” to the nature and history of our country.

Media about us

NOVA TV (Nova’s theme) – “Virtual tourists”. In the digital world everything is possible. To understand why, and how through the virtual reality you can touch the cultural history of Bulgaria, watch the video.

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