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VR Production

360° video production

If you are looking for a 360 ° video production company to create a concept for your products in a virtual reality, you will find that BM Vision has the necessary experience in creating 360 ° travel presentations, image and product advertising videos, popular science films or any other type of videos with panoramic content that fit your needs and desires.

BM Vision’s team will listen to you carefully. And according to your goals and expectations for the project, it will create an overall final product containing the following components:

When the viewer is immersed in this 360 ° environment, he is free to look in all directions. But the key to your success is the way your message will reach the viewer’s mind. To achieve this goal, BM Vision’s team uses the following tools:

–  storytelling;

–  “directional” sound;

–  original music;

–  voice-over;

–  actor/s;

–  information sections;

–  special effects.

Our 360 ° videos can also be watched as traditional video, and distributed across multiple exciting video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo


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